Saturday, December 11, 2010


Dysfunctional, Kirsten Iehl, 2011

There is no one in the world
Who could hurt me like you
My own flesh and blood
That you deny

You don’t know me
Never have.
You didn’t take the time
All your promises lay broken

If only you knew
The pain that you caused
The inconsistency you create
When you leave so unexpectedly

You’ve missed everything
I needed you there for
And you still aren’t here
Why don’t you love us?

The canyon you created
Is far too deep
Stay where you are
Out of my life

Moving back wont fix anything
The things I have yet to say
Get lodged in my throat
And I feign happy daughter

One day I wont hold back
The undercurrent of utter hatred
For what you did to us
I promise I will make you cry.

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