Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If Only

If only you'd seen
What you had
You cry yourself to sleep
Face the stranger in the mirror.
You are an empty shell
Void of all feelings
Whispering sweetly every hour
To the drugs that allow you to feel

Don't you understand
How hard it was
To watch you fall apart
And not allowed to care?
You knew me better than I, myself
But I can't tell you from the drugs
You insult me in a constant train
Do you mean what you say now?
Did you mean what you said then?

What happened to us?
How did it come to this?
You only truly cared about yourself
I gave until I had nothing left
You took it all and tore me down
You broke me
So I'm cutting you loose
We only hurt each other
I'm breaking my promises
But they mean nothing
If you push me to my end

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