Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I sit here
Watching your life fall to bits
I reach to help you
But I’m stuck behind the glass
All I can do is watch
You struggle to pick up the pieces
Stumble and fall under the weight
I hate seeing you like this
Tears in your eyes
Scrapes and bruises on your knees
A broken-hearted wreck
I know its not all my fault
But it’s still painful to watch
Knowing I can’t do a thing.
You stare at a map
Standing at the crossroad
Unsure which way to go
I scream for you to go that way
But the glass cages my voice.
This is a choice you must make on your own
I watch as you sit down in the dust
Afraid to make the wrong choice
You throw up your white flag.

Don’t give up yet
You have so much more going for you
You are stuck in a bad place
Keep going it gets better I promise.
You swore I must have never cared
But I never stopped caring
I cared too much to let us continue
You could do better
And you will
You just have to believe it.
I will be here to help you up when you fall
But you have to let me be.
I can only do so much
You have to make your own choices
You have more potential that you admit to
If only you could see
What I see from behind the glass-
Where you put me.

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